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all recipes healthy desserts

People often envision a platter of boring copycat desserts when they think about all recipes and healthy dessert dishes. You know what we’re talking about: sugar-free versions of your favorite desserts that are so focused on reducing calories or carbs that they fail to add flavor. You can put sugar-free icing on an apple slice and call it a doughnut as many times as you want, but it will never taste like the glazed donut you want.

Slovenian Strukliji (Apple Dumplings)

A piece of cake

This Slovenian delicacy is traditionally served during the holidays, but it’s delicious any time of year. A cup of cottage cheese adds a light texture and a little more protein than your typical apple dessert, and fiber-rich prunes provide sweetness.

Ginger Beet Muffins With Honey Cashew Frosting

A pile of oranges

While these veggie-filled, nut-butter-topped muffins are delicious as a dessert, they’re also delicious for breakfast with a cup of coffee or tea. Almond flour keeps them delicate and gluten-free, and you can make them vegan by substituting your favorite plant-based milk.

Gluten-free Blueberry Crumble Bars

Even if the blueberry season is over by the time you read this, frozen blueberries will yield equally satisfying results. Frozen fruits and vegetables are generally superior to out-of-season fresh food because they are flash-frozen at the peak of harvest when they are most delectable.

Very Berry Trifle

This trifle, which is loaded with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, takes a little longer to prepare, but you’ll have enough leftovers to last a week. Instead of creating a fresh cake, make things easy on yourself by using your favorite store-bought cake brand for the filling.

Caramel Apple Galette

Apples are maybe the ultimate healthy dessert ingredient. If you’re too afraid to try your hand at an apple pie, this galette will satisfy your cravings with minimal effort. If you don’t feel like creating your puff pastry or pie dough, you can buy frozen puff pastry or pie dough.

Cherry Clafoutis

A small amount of whole milk This French-style delicacy, a cross between a pancake and a custard, gets a rich tang from Greek yogurt. Though you can separate the batter into individual serving sizes, as seen above, baking the whole thing in one tray will taste just as excellent. What, no cherries? Replace the fruit with whatever you have on hand.

Cherry Eton Mess

Crunchy egg-white meringues, juicy macerated fruit (fresh fruit soaked in a bit of sugar), and fluffy whipped yogurt and cream make up this British dessert. You can substitute different fruits with cherries depending on your mood—caramelized apples, for example, would be delicious.

Bibingka (Coconut Rice Cake)

Though typically baked in clay pots, this recipe adapts it to bake in a cast-iron skillet.

Chocolate-Covered Raspberries

These frozen bites are perfect for snacking on after supper. If you’re feeling particularly vinous, the combination of raspberries and chocolate goes incredibly nicely with a glass of red wine.


These healthy all recipes healthy deserts range from the wealthy to the straightforward and everything in between. The majority of them are made with a range of nuts, seeds, berries, grains, and vegetables, and they can be made gluten-free or vegan. We also included a handful that focuses more on indulgence than nutrition since sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

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