Tips For Baking With Cherries

baking with cherries

Cherries are one of the most popular summer fruits. They grow on small trees and thrive in temperate climates like California, where they’re available year-round. Cherries can be used for cooking or eaten raw. They have high sugar content, so they often make desserts taste sweet and rich without adding too much fat or calories to the dish. Baking with cherries will not only give more flavour to your dessert but also provide you with an increase in fibre, vitamin C, potassium, and calcium!  Here are some tips and tricks for adding cherries to your favourite dessert.

The Most Out of Your Cherries

Baking With Cherries

Like other fruits, the ripeness of cherry can affect the taste and texture of your finished baked goods. Ripe or overripe cherries add flavour and juiciness to all kinds of desserts while firm, under-ripe cherries add more sweetness than flavour. If you are baking with cherries that are not fresh and are canned ones, substitute half the quantity called for with fresh fruit because canned cherries tend to be very sweet and flavorful while fresh cherries lack tartness and acidity. Rinse and drain fresh plump dark red or black cherries just before use to remove any dirt or debris stuck to them.

To Pit Or Not To Pit… That Is The Question

Baking With Cherries

If you like baking with cherries with a bit of texture, leave the pits in as you bake instead of removing them. The pits will add flavour and aroma to your finished dish without adding any extra work or time to the recipe. Try grilling cherries for a smoky, sweet taste that will enhance salads, ice cream, and even grilled chicken dishes!

Use Cherry Juice In Place Of Water When Baking

Just like other fruit juices, cherry juice can be substituted in many baked goods recipes for water or another liquid called for in the recipe. For every cup of water called for, use one cup of cherry juice instead. If you’re baking something like a cherry pie with an already sweet filling, use less sugar when adding the juice to your recipe. If you don’t want to buy bottled cherry juice, simply smash one cup of fresh cherries and add in half a cup of water and some sugar for every cup of fruit and water in the recipe.

Add Cherries To Your Favourite Cake Or Cookie Recipes

Try substituting different fruits into your favourite baked goods recipes for new flavours and textures. Many fresh fruits can be added without any baking time adjustments needed! Try adding blueberries or raspberries to chocolate chip cookies or banana slices to brownies before they go into the oven. You can even combine dried fruit such as raisins with cherries when baking bread, cakes, and muffins. Cherries are a great addition to any baked goods recipe for their flavour and nutritional makeup!


One of the most popular uses for cherries is in baking. As with any fruit, it’s important to know how to pick them and use them properly when you’re cooking or baking. Baking with cherries is a great way to add texture and taste to your desserts. Happy baking!

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