This List Of Healthy Low Calorie Sweets Has Just Gone Viral - This List Of Healthy Low Calorie Sweets Has Just Gone Viral -

This List Of Healthy Low Calorie Sweets Has Just Gone Viral

A close up of a chocolate cake sitting on top of a wooden table

Sweet teeth find it very difficult to limit themselves from eating a variety of sweets. These are not fruits or berries but commercial sweets that nutritionists do not recommend. But some sweets do not cause serious harm to image and health.

Choose A Recipe

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Marmalade. Marmalade does not contain one gram of fat, has a caloric value of about 320 kcal, and a glycemic index of 50. Gelatin in marmalade helps to strengthen the health of the nails and hair. Vitamin C and pectin are also present, responsible for the complete functioning of the liver and digestion.

Coarse Chocolate

A piece of cake sitting on top of a wooden table

It is frequently over 500 kcal in terms of calorific value. Of note, this food may not have the lowest calorie count, but nutritionists admire it. The glycemic index of coarse chocolate is 28, indicating that it does not absorb fats and converts to pure energy. B vitamins and calcium are contained in chocolate. Chocolate has a positive impact on cognitive performance. We’re all of the bitter chocolate and as much natural cocoa as possible.


In summer, the heat is a very meaningful delicacy. Most often, smoothies are made from fruits or berries; the product has an average caloric content of 40-80 kcal. The need for cucumbers is immediately after preparation; over time, it loses its valuable properties when cooking smoothies that can not use sugar.

Dried Fruits

 Priority is given to plums, dried apricots, and dates. They have a lot of nutrients. They remove excess water, saturating the body in every way necessary. Calorie-dried fruits can be completely different and depend on their type.


Calorie marshmallows 304 calories. Marshmallow can be considered one of the safest types of sweets. It is based on fruit purée and a gelling agar-agar component rich in iodine, iron, and calcium. Marshmallows are much healthier than buns, cakes, and meringue.

Avocado Pudding

Create your avocado chocolate pudding instead of purchasing store-bought sugared chocolate pudding. You can quickly produce one by adding mashed avocado and cocoa powder, as well as licking a drop of vegetable milk if appropriate. You may caramelize the mix with agave syrup, for example, if desired.

Yogurt Parfait

One of the nutritious and convenient recipes that will control the appetite for candy is a tiny pot of light Greek yogurt with oats, granola or nuts, and sliced fruits. The total number of calories in 90 grams of creamy Greek yogurt is 78. The added calories come from the vegetables and cereals you consume.

Chia Pudding With Mango

Chia is a superfood that is high in nutrients that our organs need to stay healthy. As a result, this chia pudding recipe is one of the most robust nutritious candy recipes. Variate the cake by making pudding with chocolate powder or other fruits.

The Last One: Banana Ice Cream

The banana is a perfect way to feed that sweet tooth. A good tip is to have frozen sliced bananas on hand at all times. Cut it when it’s mature and store it in the freezer in a jar. When a frozen banana is pounded in a mixer, it becomes very creamy, making it a unique ingredient for nutritious desserts and smoothies. To produce banana ice cream, mix frozen bananas. To offer a new spice, you should add almonds, peanut butter, or even cocoa powder. A frozen banana produces around 94 calories on average.

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