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Egg toast recipe

Vegetarian Lentil Egg Toast Recipe

Vegetarian Lentil With Egg Toast Recipe

Egg Toast recipe for vegetarians sounds exciting itself. Vegetarianism has become a religion in itself. At the rate people are turning vegetarian is crazy. In the west, many have transformed into a vegan (those who restrict their diets to only plant-based or those foods which have no dairy-based product in it, exclusion of meat and fish of any sort) and vegetarian ( does not eat meat or fish of any kind). Or they are in any kind of diet such keto-friendly diet. Jains (a sect from India) are purely vegetarian and they do not even eat those veggies which are cultivated below the soil. In this article, we will talk about how lentil and eggs are healthy for vegetarians and how to make a lentil with egg toast recipe. 

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