Sugar-Free Desserts Are The Smart Way To Snack

Sugar Free Dessert

Sugar-free desserts sound like a contradiction. You probably thought that you consume way too much sugar. And made a vow to cut down sugar on your diet.

But, it is not like your sweet tooth will actually agree with you. And when a dessert craving hits, it hits you real bad!

You might want to turn on less-refined sugars such as coconut sugar, honey, and agave, but let me help you take a step further and try whipping up desserts that have no added sweeteners whatsoever.

Here are sugar-free treats that should allow you to experience dessert goodness without the guilt.

1. Red Velvet Molten Lava Mug Cake

If you thought that a sugar-free diet meant that you cannot enjoy a red velvet cake ever again, then think again. This single-serve recipe of red velvet lava cake is delicious, sweet and features a thick, gooey center that is entirely made of chocolate that is completely sugar-free. Oh, and it does not need an oven since it is made in your microwave.

Sugar-Free Desserts Are The Smart Way To Snack

2. Sugar-Free Apple Tart

Want to treat yourself without the stress? Well, try this apple tart— it looks fancy and mouthwatering, but a premade pastry crust with simple layering pattern, slick with unsweetened applesauce makes it super easy to put it together.

3. Date Macaroons

You are just 20 minutes and 3 ingredients away from these yummy little bites. For this easy date macaroon recipe, dates are the stars and include a good amount of coconut flakes and banana. A great recipe that comes with natural sugars, without the extra white sugar. Just make sure that the coconut flakes you use don’t have either.

4. Homemade Peach Ice Cream

This fruity dessert does not just come without the added sugar, but it also utilizes the simple food processor instead of fussing with a fancy ice cream maker. And if that was not enough, you only need to prepare 2 ingredients, neither of which involves dairy. Oh, and it takes just 5 minutes to whip it up. Nothing better than an instant treat for your not-so-patient sweet tooth.

5. Blueberry-Mint Coconut Water Popsicles

Most popsicles are high with added sugar, but not these bright ones. They get their sweetness from coconut water, fresh berries and a dash of honey that will cool you down as well as satisfying your sweet cravings.

Sugar-Free Desserts Are The Smart Way To Snack

Sugar Free Baking Recipes by Jennifer Anderson

For more sugar-free desserts that you can indulge in, consider getting this 60-page cookbook that includes a broad variety of healthy and sugar-free dessert and baking recipes that taste just as sweet and good as normal dessert recipes loaded with added sugars.

Guilty Thoughts

You do not need sugar just to make yummy and delectable treats and desserts. And sugar-free desserts are anything but boring. They are still highly tempting, make dessert even sweeter and you’ll still drool like crazy. So try them out and indulge in a non-guilt pleasure.

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