Simple Healthy Desserts Recipes Is Easy To Find

Simple Healthy Desserts Recipes

You have probably been told by your mother or other family members that you need to make some simple healthy desserts because the sugar in those candy bars can be harmful for your health. In some cases, your mother may have tried to give you a few recipes for your dessert table but you didn’t like it because it was too sweet or too heavy on the taste. There are times when making desserts are simply too complicated and the right amount of sugar is also not available. If this is the case for you, then make some easy healthy dessert recipes for your table and have everyone enjoy it.

Simple Healthy Desserts Recipes

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One of the simplest of the healthy desserts is one made with honey instead of sugar. This type of dessert is really easy to make because all you need is one tablespoon of honey and about four to five egg whites. Add some vanilla essence and some cream to give it a light texture. You could also add some fresh fruits for a more delicious taste.

If you are a health conscious individual who wants to make simple healthy desserts then you could opt to make a fruit platter. With a platter, you can easily serve your guests fruits, nuts and other healthy snacks without having to worry if they will like them or not. Just make sure that you make some ice cubes with some fresh berries and almonds on top of the fruit platter to keep the juices inside cold.

Another recipe that you could try is a healthy version of the famous chocolate cake. These chocolate cakes are rich in sugar, but they are not too heavy to be able to provide you with some delicious desserts. All you need to do is to cook up the cake batter in the oven and mix up the ingredients.

Try Making A Variation

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You could also try making a variation of the fruit slices and cookies. Make a chocolate-flavored version of this cookie and then roll it into little cookies that you can use as finger food. These cookies are not only simple healthy desserts, they are also healthy snacks that are perfect for any occasion or party.

If you happen to have a favorite chocolate cake recipe, then you should be able to make a variation of it by changing a couple of things in order to make it healthier. Just make sure that you use pure cocoa powder and nothing else in order to avoid a sweet tasting dessert.

Some More Simple Healthy Desserts

You can also try making some more simple healthy desserts if you happen to have some old fashioned recipes lying around in your kitchen. If you happen to own a sweet toothbrush, then you should make use this toothbrush to brush the tops of the chocolate chips and other candies so that no one else will have to taste them. Also, you should brush the tops of the cookies with melted butter so that no one else will accidentally eat them.

If you are looking for some more ideas on how to make some simple healthy desserts, then check out a few websites that will provide you with plenty of healthy desserts for your table. You could even search on the internet to find out some other easy healthy recipes for your home.

However, when you look for recipes online, be careful to choose ones that are safe and healthy. You can find plenty of recipes that are very unhealthy but it is still possible to come across some recipes that can be safe. You just need to know what ingredients you can use and how much of each ingredient you can use to ensure that you will be able to create something good.

Find Recipes Online

You might also find recipes online that are very healthy but are difficult to make because they require you to use a specific amount of each ingredient to make some healthier versions of a recipe. However, the truth is, these are still good recipes if you have the time to prepare them properly.

Final Thoughts

Simple healthy desserts are not very hard to make and you will certainly enjoy them once you find the right recipes for your table. After you start cooking them up, you will be sure to impress your guests with your tasty desserts and you will also be enjoying the fruits and nuts and other healthy snacks that you can serve up. If you decide to make a version of these desserts for your home, make sure that you make them ahead of time so that you can freeze them so that you will always have a supply at hand.

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