Pomegranate Pecan French Toast

Pomegranate Pecan French Toast: The Yummiest Dish

A Pecan french toast is always in season with its very new dish pomegranate pecan french toast. The pomegranate is filled up with fiber, which adds a delicious crunch to the pecan french toast. The most awaited season is the season of pomegranate between December to January. This recipe is filled up with antioxidants and many other fibers. One of the favorite recipes is this toast, which is always in demand. The ideal breakfast to enjoy your mornings at the beginning of the day. A pecan french toast is the ultimate fall-flavor of the French toast.

Pomegranate Pecan French Toast: The Yummiest Dish
Pomegranate Pecan French Toast

About This Recipe

The main ingredients of this recipe include such beautiful flavors to fall in love with. The arils of pomegranate and the mouth-watering juices with the vanilla extract add up to its taste. The dish gets sweeter with the addition of these flavors that have mentioned above. 

Pomegranate Pecan French Toast: Ingredients

  • Two fresh eggs
  • One-fourth cup of almond milk that is unsweetened.
  • Half cup of pomegranate juice adequately divided.
  • One-fourth cup of nutmeg that is grounded and divided
  • Six slices of whole-grain bread
  • One-fourth cup of chopped pecans
  • Half-cup of pomegranate arils

Helpful Kitchen Tools

  • A small size whisk.
  • Large size non-stick pan.
  • A chopper for nuts.
  • Grinder for nutmeg.

Pomegranate Pecan French Toast: Instructions For Preparation

Pomegranate Pecan French Toast: The Yummiest Dish
Pomegranate Pecan French Toast

You need to whisk fresh eggs in a small bowl by combining them with milk. Then you need to add one by four cup of juice along with one by eight teaspoon of nutmeg. Dip the whole grain bread into the mixture of egg turning to coat sides evenly. Then you need to spray a large non-stick pan or skillet with the help of spray oil. Then heat the bread slices over medium heat until they turn brown on both sides. While you do this, heat the pomegranate arils, pecans, and remaining pomegranate juice as well. Heat them in a small pan under medium heat till most of the liquid gets absorbed. For that, you need to hear for about three to four minutes. After all of this, finally, your dish is all ready to serve.

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You can give this amazing dish a try, as it is a very healthy recipe for you and your loved ones. The method that has a mention above serves up to three servings with its quantities. Not only are these ingredients suitable for making one dish but also a variety of other recipes. You are going to fall in love with all the other dishes that need a touch of the primary pomegranate fruit. The taste and the blend of all the various ingredients that have mentioned above are just great. You should try these dishes someday by preparing them at home with the help of this easy recipe.

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