Know These Top Healthy Baking Alternatives

healthy baking alternatives

You know why you are here. You know why here. When it strikes you, you have lined it up and ready for a bakery recipe: there are no eggs. The best of us happens. Would this mean that you have to throw the towel? No! No! You can use regular cabinet supplies to replace hundreds of ingredients you probably have in your home.

These ingredient substitutions aren’t all useful when you’re in a hurry. All of them are, in fact, healthier baking alternatives than their conventional peers. So let us begin baking. Use these ingredient swaps to up your baking game, and you may notice your sweet tooth is even more fulfilled! And if you like baking mixes, we’ve created a report just for you:

Unsweetened Applesauce For Sugar

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Sugar also forms the basis for many baked goods, but you can sweeten the sweets with far more sophisticated means. Swap for one cup of sugar in a cup of unsweetened applesauce. Applesauce has approximately 100 calories per single step, with nearly 800 in the same quantity of sugar! This approach works particularly well in oatmeal cookies, says Tanya Zuckerbrot, MS, RD, and the creator of the influential F-Factors Diät. Sounds amazing, right? Sounds good. These 50 Healthy 

Overnight Oats Recipes for Weight Loss are also going to love you!

Greek Yogurt For Sour Cream

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“The aim of making baked goods healthy is to reduce the fat and carb content without sacrificing flavor,” says Zuckerbrot. Greek yogurt has more protein and less fat than most dairy products and can be substituted for sour cream or oil. Since it is not necessarily a one-to-one ratio, you might consider substituting half and playing with various recipes.

Honey For Sugar

It is hard to resist all sugar sources, but moving on to nutrient-dense solutions such as honey will mean you don’t have empty calories on your lips. Honey is rich in vitamins and minerals and has a body-resistant anti-inflammatory effect. What else? What else? Honey would not give the amount of blood sugar like white sugar is, so you will have fewer wacky cravings and energy changes. See our Every Famous Added Sweetener Study — Ranked! to understand your best choices.

Black Beans For Flour

Beans can sound bizarre in brownies, but don’t knock them till you try them. Black pureed beans add a dose of protein and fiber and can be used with brownie recipes instead of white flour.

Mashed Bananas For Sugar

There is no need to hit sugar if the fruit is normal, rich in nutrients, and sweet by itself. Mashed bananas are suitable for use with butter and oil and are made a decent sugar swap with a naturally sweet taste. The bananas are a healthy baking alternative source and used for cookies, brownies, pancakes and muffins, and vitamins B5 and potassium.


All ingredients, including baked goods, should be eaten in a balanced manner. Focus on consuming your favorite snacks from time to time and play with making nutritious recipes for each tasty bite for more nutrients.

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