Healthy Vegan Sweets for Christmas

healthy vegan sweets

The holidays are coming and it’s time to stock up on healthy vegan sweets like raw chocolate mints, dark chocolate chips, trail mix, and so much more. The trick is to find healthy vegan sweets that taste great, are great for you, and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Thankfully, it’s possible to make great tasting vegan desserts without breaking your budget with these simple tips.

The best ingredients for any type of candy are sugar free ingredients and natural flavoring. For example, it’s quite common to find vegan chocolate bars that have a nice selection of high quality ingredients such as nuts, dates, or other high quality sweeteners. You can also substitute soy or coconut milk for traditional milk or cream as a great way to get the same rich, creamy, decadent desserts. When shopping for vegan sugar free desserts, be sure to check labels for soy or coconut milk as these types of products often have less calories and fewer unhealthy ingredients than regular dairy products.

Powerful Antioxidant

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For a healthy, no-calorie version of traditional vanilla ice cream, try vegan vanilla extract. It’s very similar to the real thing but tastes much better due to the added benefits of being vegan and healthy. It also has the benefits of being a very powerful antioxidant, which is important for maintaining good health and fighting off dangerous free radicals. Another great combination of sugar free ice cream and a healthy vegan dessert is coconut milk.

There are plenty of awesome sugar free recipes for dessert, including classic chocolate cakes, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate fudge sauce, chocolate cakes mixed with fruits, ice cream puddings and so much more! You can make any type of chocolate treat taste amazing using ingredients you may already have at home like chocolate chips, organic sugar, nonfat confectioner’s sugar, nonfat or fat milk, nonfat or dairy gluten, vegetable oil and other additives.

The only difficult part about creating your own delicious vegan desserts is coming up with creative ingredients that don’t have to taste like a traditional dessert. When you blend good ingredients with nutritious wholesome grains and vegetables, you end up with a mouth watering healthy dessert that tastes great and is good for you.

Types Of Healthy Desserts

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There are two types of healthy desserts: dairy free and vegan. Dairy free ice cream is made by using sugar substitutes and can be made from many of the same ingredients used to make regular ice cream. However, it usually doesn’t have any dairy products in it. Vegan ice cream can be made with soy milk, rice, nuts, or other natural ingredients and contains no dairy products. Both types of healthy desserts can have the same nutritional benefits, which include high levels of calcium, protein, iron, zinc, vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Since I love ice cream, I decided to make some of my own special, healthy Christmas treats. These decadent creations are made from scratch using my own recipes and no special ingredients. They are extremely easy to make, only two ingredients are needed: agave nectar and nutritional yeast flakes. Other health benefits of these healthy sweet treats include:

Making A Ice Cream

To make a nice cream, all you need to do is mix agave nectar and nutritional yeast flakes. Then, add in a bit of vanilla or lemon juice and pour into an ice cream maker and set to churn. Once done, it will be nice and cold. Now, any nice cream or pudding you like is just down the road.

In the past, I have also enjoyed making fruit teas. I enjoy drinking them because they are a lovely bright tea that has a very slight coconut flavor. Now, instead of buying expensive teas at the store, I will make my own organic fair trade teas with my own recipes. They are healthier and much more cost effective.

Final Verdict

Whether you enjoy drinking coffee, tea or other caffeinated drinks, you can drink a healthy vegan treat during the holiday season with these sweet and delicious vegan Christmas desserts.

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