Healthy Sweets List – The Secret To Eating Healthily

healthy sweets list

A healthy sweets list is something that everyone should be making and following. In the UK we have a couple of options as far as healthy sweets go. We can choose to make some of our own healthy sweets or buy them from the store. I decided to write up a healthy sweets list so that I could let other people know what I love and where I get my healthy sweets.

Delicious And Healthy Sweets List

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Nature’s Mint

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My first healthy candy on this list is called Nature’s Mint. I love this sweet because it has only 1 calorie per serving, which means that you are getting plenty of healthy sugar. It has no additives, no artificial flavours or colours and is not hydrogenated. If you read the back of the packet, you will see that it has 30% fruit sugar. This means that you are getting more fruit than you are sugar for!

Nature’s Sunshine

My next healthy sweet is called Nature’s Sunshine. This is an amazing healthy sweet in my opinion. It has no trans-fats or sugars, so it is completely fat free. It has got to be the best healthy sweets out there as it tastes really good, looks great and is full of nutrients.

Nature’s Sunshine Gold

My third choice for healthy sweets is called Nature’s Sunshine Gold. Again, it is one cup of great healthy sweetness. There are no fats or trans fats and it does not come with a lot of sugar either. I like that it comes in a nice tin. I also really like that it tastes great and it is very inexpensive too. There are probably more healthy sweets out there than this one but these are three of my favourites.

If you like to be able to munch on sweets throughout the day then you should try some of the healthier options on this list. My favourite is called Nature’s Sunshine Quick Sugar. It has no artificial flavours or colours. It has got to be the healthiest sugar I have come across and it tastes awesome too. This is one of the healthy sweets that can be eaten in one sitting and that is great if you want to keep a balanced diet.

Nature’s Sunshine Organic Granola

My fourth choice for this healthy sweet is called Nature’s Sunshine Organic Granola. This is one of the newest members of the healthy sweets list but I am sure that soon other companies will join this healthy, sweet bandwagon. It comes in one cup and is pretty cheap too. These healthy sweets are filled with fibre and have no trans fats or sugars and that is why they are so good for you.

Nature’s Sunshine Carrot

My fifth and final choice for this healthy sweet on the list is called Nature’s Sunshine Carrot. It has got to be the most delicious fruit smoothie I have ever had the pleasure of trying. It comes in one cup and is loaded with beta carotene and antioxidants. You can eat this healthy smoothie between meals and feel like you’ve eaten an entire granola bar because it has all the goodness you need.

As you can see there are plenty of healthy sweets on the market. My own personal favourites are the ones that are part of the healthy sweets list that I mentioned above. There are plenty more out there and each one of them have something really special to offer. The key to remember when choosing healthy sweets is that if they are good for you then they are definitely healthy for you. That’s a fact!

Healthy Sweets Recipe

If you’re looking for a healthy sweets recipe just Google healthy sweets or try some of the recipes that you will find on my website. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be having a lot more fun making them at home. I like to eat as many as I can as part of my healthy snacks every day. They are easy to make and when you buy frozen ones they also taste great so be sure to stock up on those as well.

If you’re not sure about what healthy sweets are then I recommend you to look for the ones that are on the healthy sweets list. If you eat junk food, then those will not count so don’t worry about that. Once you start eating healthy sweets you’ll soon realise that they are some of the best tasting foods you can eat!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, a healthy sweets guide for you. Choose a few of your favourite healthy sweets now so you can start enjoying them more often. You should notice a difference in your health within a few weeks so keep at it by popping in one cup of healthy sweet every single day.

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