Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Healthy Chocolate Mousse is a great appetizer that is low in calories and rich in flavor. This fabulous dessert has many different options for making it a healthier option for your next party. Enjoy this delicious dessert with your family and friends!

Making healthy chocolate mousse is very easy and you will not have to worry about consuming tons of sugar or excessive carbs. What’s great about the healthy version is that you can add more healthy ingredients or substitute items from the traditional chocolate recipe to make a truly unique dessert. Here are a few tips for making healthy chocolate mousse!

Healthy Chocolate Mousse
Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Importance Of Dairy Products

Most people do not consider the importance of dairy products when cooking. They do not realize that dairy products tend to lose their taste as they age. Most of the creamier desserts such as creamy cheesecakes and creamy macaroons will be less enjoyable for the aging palate.

In addition, cheese is a great source of calcium. Even the best homemade chocolate recipes will require a large amount of fat. The trick is to use the right amount of fat without having to create a bad-tasting dessert. By replacing half of the fat with low-fat whipped cream you can easily get the same rich flavor without contributing large amounts of fat.

Fat is the main culprit in creating a bad-tasting dessert. All the fat that is in a traditional chocolate mousse recipe is added in the form of cocoa butter. Other sources of fat such as palm oil can also be substituted to provide a smooth and creamy texture.

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

While using unsweetened cocoa powder and butter is acceptable for many dishes, other chocolate dessert recipes rely on heavy fat to create a smooth texture. Use an all-natural butter or chocolate if you want to avoid the sweetening of your dessert.

Healthy Mousse does not have to have any sugar added to it. Instead, add your favorite fruit such as berries, raisins, or bananas. Alternatively, take advantage of the nutrition in fruits like cherries, grapes, and mangoes.

The sugar that is found in the traditional chocolate can be replaced with stevia. Stevia is a sugar substitute that does not raise blood sugar levels like regular sugar. This allows a dessert to be more beneficial for diabetics and those on a diet.

You can choose to use cocoa powder instead of unsweetened chocolate if you do not prefer it. This chocolate also provides more antioxidants than regular chocolate which makes it better for our health.

Healthy Chocolate Mousse
Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Use Fruit

A popular topping for the chocolate mousse is to use fruit. Many fruits will serve as a natural sweetener that will keep the cocoa butter from becoming too acidic. Strawberries, cranberries, bananas, blueberries, and raspberries are some of the most popular fruits to be used for topping chocolate mousse.

Wrapping Up

To ensure that your dessert is healthy, choose fruits and nuts that are completely organic. The following foods should be avoided: peanuts, seeds, sugar, chocolate, and vinegar. All of these foods can contribute to intestinal distress and other nutritional deficiencies.

Healthy Chocolate Mousse is a delicious and satisfying dessert that is low in fat and high in nutrition. Have fun with your recipes and learn how to make healthy chocolate mousse for a dessert that you will all enjoy!

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