Healthy Brownies Recipes

Healthy Brownies Recipes

It can be hard to find healthy brownies recipes that are low in fat and high in fiber. When we try to eat healthier and more healthful, it can be difficult to get our carb count down without also cutting back on the taste of the food. Some people enjoy their brownies with butter, while others prefer to just use a small amount of butter in their brownies.

To make the healthiest brownies you want to use the highest quality ingredients you can afford. Brownies recipes should contain healthy unsaturated fats in the form of vegetable oil or coconut oil. Look for the dark and not the milk chocolate version to add the best flavor to your brownies.

Healthy Brownies Recipes
Healthy Brownies Recipes

Bake Your Healthy Brownies

You can bake your healthy brownies in small batches and they will take up much less counter space than their larger counterparts. Make sure you store them in the refrigerator until serving time. You will find that once you have mastered baking healthy brownies, they will be even easier to bake at home. The other benefit of storing them in the refrigerator is that it prevents them from turning into gummy bear type of foods that they can be once you open them.

Before you begin the process of making the healthiest brownies you will need to soak the bananas in boiling water for about twenty minutes to soften them up. If you don’t have a blender then all you need to do is mash them up before putting them in your processor. Don’t forget to remove any seeds and damaged skin so they aren’t bitter. Once mashed, you will have healthy, unprocessed bananas that you can use in your brownies recipes.

Easy Ingredient: Brownies Recipes

The next easy ingredient you will need is one egg. You will want to combine the egg with one-quarter cup of soy milk and one-half cup of maple syrup. This is known as “happy hour” sauce and it can give your brownies a sweet taste. Using this as a sauce can make them seem even more decadent.

You can also add some fruit’s juice to your healthy brownies. A little bit of apple juice and some cranberry juice mixed with one-half cup of soy milk makes a delicious concoction. With these simple ingredients you can create a truly healthy dessert.

Idea For A Healthy Alternative

Another great idea for a healthy alternative to other desserts is using granola. Granola is an excellent addition to a brownie recipe because it has a nutty taste that is great with brownies. You can use unsweetened coconut instead of cocoa to keep your sweet tooth satisfied. You can even use rice cereal instead of granola to give them a healthier alternative.

Now, the main ingredient in your healthy brownies is flour. You can choose from white, whole wheat, or brown rice flour. You will also need oat flour to add a little crunch to your brownies. Once you have decided on the flour to use, you can add in any vegetables that you wish.

To add color, you can also add various flavors to your healthy brownies. A vanilla-chocolate brownie would be delicious. They can be made in different flavors such as lemon, strawberry, or peanut butter. Or you can add in different fruits such as blueberries or peaches.

Healthy Brownies Recipes
Healthy Brownies Recipes

Organic Olive Oil: Brownies Recipes

When choosing your ingredients, you will want to buy the highest quality ingredients you can afford, and one of those is vegetable oil. Make sure the oil is unsaturated fat, but you do want to make sure that you are buying organic olive oil. Organic olive oil is great because it is free of contaminants, pesticides, or other synthetic chemicals.

Many people love brownies recipes that are easy to prepare, and they add a sense of enjoyment to the day to which they are prepared. They can be prepared in many ways. They can be in a standard pan, in a pan lined with parchment paper, or a pan lined with aluminum foil.

Healthy brownies recipes can be found in the most any cookbook, or recipe website that offers recipe, and they are really easy to prepare. if you follow a few basic rules, they will be delicious and healthy.

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