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Are you fond of eating and baking different types of cakes, biscuits, and breads? Then it is very easy to know all the tips and tricks which allows you to have healthy baking. It is rather related to avoiding different types of materials such as gluten, eggs, dairy or sugar. You only want quick tips to solve the problem. 

There you can easily make simple changes with which you can easily make recipes without losing out the taste or texture. Rather than the weight, there are lots of healthy baking recommendations which are available in volume. So, it even refers to as cups rather than having grams. The swap which is available makes it easier to straight swap rather than working out in the different weights and ingredients. 

If you require help working with your recipes then here is the article which is going to tell you about some of the facts which you must know. Let’s have a look at some of the information. 

Common healthy baking swaps

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One of the most common healthy baking swaps people want to make is finding a substitute for sugar in their homemade treats. Whether it’s because you’re trying to be that little bit better when it comes to what you eat, or you’re looking out for the kids, reducing refined sugar in your diet helps keep your healthier.

However, even natural sweeteners – like maple syrup and honey – contain sugars so should be used in moderation too.

  • Honey

It is said that honey is up to 50% sweeter than sugar. Because of this you can half the volume of honey to sugar when making a swap in most recipes, and reduce the other liquids in your method by around a tablespoon to compensate for the loss of a dry ingredient.

  • Stevia

Substituting Stevia for sugar is an easy swap, as it comes in powdered form. It’s a natural sweetener, made from the leaves of a Stevia plant and can be up to 300 times sweeter than your average sugar. This natural alternative to refined sugar actually contains no sugars of any kinds, zero carbohydrates and has a glycemic index of zero, which has made it pretty popular amongst dieters since 2011, when the EU passed a law to allow it to be used in food and drinks.

Stevia themselves don’t offer concrete guidelines on how to substitute it for sugar, but recommend roughly swapping 1 cup of sugar for 1 teaspoon of Stevia in healthy baking recipes. To achieve the right texture you may need to decrease the liquids in your recipe too.

  • Fruit juice concentrates

Fruit juice concentrates are now widely available from health food stores and from internet providers and can, in some cases, be substituted for refined sugars. Concentrated apple, orange or grape juice can all replace sugar and add another flavour dimension to recipes.

To replace sugar with fruit juice use one quarter of a cup of concentrated fruit juice for every cup of white sugar listed, while reducing the liquid ingredients by around three tablespoons.

Last Takeaways

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Therefore, these are some of the swaps or we can say information that is going to help you for having healthy baking.

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