Grilled French Toast With Rosemary

The grilled French toast is one of a kind recipe to make in the morning. Moreover, we all love French toast as a breakfast idea. The toasted bread with a touch of the omelet in them is a delight to the taste buds. And also add a mug of coffee. They instantly change the mood.

Moreover, this is a healthy dose for the morning start-up. Additionally, when you are incorporating the grilling idea, it is yet again enhancing the mood. Also, with some little changes here and there. Take, for instance, the addition of strawberry and the rosemary. Therefore we are here to throw some light on the recipe of grilled French toast. Just like the French toast idea, it is again one easy blend of taste and health altogether. Therefore without any further ado, let us check out the ingredients list-

Grilled French Toast with Strawberries Along With Rosemary

Grilled French Toast With Rosemary

The Grilled French Toast: The Ingredients List To Follow

This is an easy sorted recipe to check out. The maximum time to get ready to eat is 17-20 mins max. However, we are going to discuss the recipe to offer servings for 3-6 people. Therefore let get us going with the items

The first and foremost, choose vegetable oil. However, this oil will help you out to brush the pan.

After that, one quart of strawberries. Take them all quartered.

Then take two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar. However, it is better to opt for the aged variant.

After that, take orange juice from one orange. Additionally, take two tablespoons of orange zest.

After that, take one fresh spring rosemary.

Then go for taking three eggs.

Then take three fourth of heavy cream

After that take two tablespoons of honey

Then take one tablespoon of vanilla extracts

After that take kosher salt to taste

And then take 6, however one inches slices of challah bread

After that, take the powdered sugar. However, it is optional. 

Grilled French Toast with Strawberries Along With Rosemary

Grilled French Toast With Rosemary

Now Let Us Take Our Attention To The Preparation List

The first and foremost step is to pre-heat the oven grill. Additionally, apply the vegetable oil over the grills. After that, place the strawberries over the large pieces of foil. Additionally, top it up with the vinegar, orange juice, zest along with the rosemary. After that fold_the edges of the foils. Then place it one corner. After try cooking till the strawberries turn soft. While it is getting cooked, take the shallow cooking dish. And there add the honey, eggs, cream, vanilla. Also, add one pinch of salt. After that, dip the bread slices in this mixture. And one by one, transfer these to the grill. Grill until the downside of the toast turns brown. After that, flip it over. And then cook for more minutes. After that, remove the bread slices to the plate. After that, spoon the strawberries. Additionally, sprinkle some powdered sugar; however, this is optional.

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