Goat Cheese And Concord Grape Juice Crostini

Goat Cheese And Concord Grape Juice Crostini

Are you in the quest for a sweet appetizer for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary? Then opt for the crostini made with grape juice and goat cheese. We add no sugar. Thus, it is ideal for the heart. If you are looking for a recipe that can suit the American heart month, go for it. 

Recipe Of Crostini With Goat Cheese

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Serving: 16 pieces

Goat Cheese And Concord Grape Juice Crostini

Goat Cheese And Concord Grape Juice Crostini


  • Whole-wheat baguette: 1, 15 ounces, cut into slices and toasted
  • Garlic: 4 cloves, cut into thin slices
  • Grapes: 1 ½ cups, remove the seeds and then cut lengthwise, you can use a red or green variety
  • Grape juice: 1 cup, pure variety
  •  Goat cheese: 4 ounces, soft
  • Black pepper powder: as per taste
  • Rosemary: 2 tsp, fresh 

How To Make

Place a nonstick pan on high heat, and as it becomes hot, add the slices of garlic and grapes to it. Pour the grape juice and as it boils, decrease the flame and let it simmer for a few minutes. 

As soon as the mixture becomes thick, stir it continuously so we absorb the significant portions of the liquid. 

Take the toasted baguette slices and add the cheese on it in a generous amount. Now pour the grape mixture on the cheese layer. Sprinkle some black pepper powder and garnish with fresh rosemary. Serve immediately. 

Nutritional Information Of Goat Cheese Crostini 

From each serving of this Crostini, you will get 100 calories, 2 gm of fat and 1 gm of saturated fat, and 170 gm of sodium. Besides, it will give you about 4 gm of protein along with 18 gm of carbs, 5 mg of cholesterol, and 5 gm of sugar. It gives you no fiber. 

What Is So Special About Concord Grapes?

In the recipe, I have used 100% grape juice from Welch. The concord grapes of the dark purple color are used to make this juice. If you are thinking about why use only concord grapes, then you know that they are unique. You can get them for a short span during the fall. So, you can reap theirs enjoy the juice. Research showed that the juice of these grapes is beneficial for the heart. It also helps in better circulation of blood. The juice comes with its natural sweetness. No sugar is added additionally to the juice. It is good to have about 2 cups of concord grapes juice for an adult. 

Goat Cheese And Concord Grape Juice Crostini
Goat Cheese And Concord Grape Juice Crostini

Besides drinking the pure juice, you can make a smoothie and a tasty sauce to accompany the Brussels sprouts with this juice. 

Why Is The Goat Cheese Crostini Healthy?

A dish that can provide you with 250 calories or fewer is healthy, and this Crostini recipe dives you about 100 calories. Over 0.5 gm of Trans fats are unhealthy, while this recipe has no trans fat. You can have 2 tsp or less sugar per serving of any dish, but this tasty Crostini has zero added sugar. 

So, now make it and enjoy a healthy dish.

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