Four Popular Dessert Table Ideas

dessert table ideas

Do you have a coming event where you’ll be serving up special desserts for your guests? For many get togethers, including baby showers and birthday celebrations, weddings, charity events and even the holidays can often have a dessert table to showcase some beautiful dessert offerings. Here are some dessert table ideas for your next party.

Easy And Delicious Dessert Table Ideas

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There are several easy dessert table ideas that incorporate a theme into your menu planning. The first type of idea is a very popular one and that’s the crepe paper theme. This theme can actually be adapted to almost any number of different themes including; country, princess theme, pirates, sports, and even the old standby of the chocolate or vanilla theme. The key here is to really think outside of the box when it comes to decorating.

Some of the most popular dessert table ideas feature decorated bowls or platters with candles or other little trinkets adorning the top of the platter. A fun idea would be to use these bowls as serving dishes for small, dessert size special desserts such as pies, tarts, cakes, cookies and other sweets. Another idea would be to set out a series of these bowls at different points on the table during the meal. For example, if you were serving up tarts topped with chocolate, you could set one up right at the beginning of the meal and then another at the end of the meal for people who wanted a second helping.

Healthy Dessert Table Ideas

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Another fun dessert table idea would be to feature small trays of chocolate covered fruits. These could be fruit flavored hard cheeses, apple crisp cookies, pears, Mandarin oranges, grapefruits and many others. The key here is to really put a smile on the guest’s face by using an attractive color scheme and choosing a theme that goes along with what they are eating. Maybe they are eating a Mexican themed dish and you can find brown and orange themed trays. Another great idea is to find a color scheme that matches the theme of the flowers that are being used for the centerpieces.

If you are hosting a party where the centerpiece will be flowers, you’ll want to make sure that your dessert tables are suitable for holding flowers and other arrangements. Most centerpieces used for flower shows are floral in nature, so the majority of your dessert tables should be suitable for holding flowers. You can also opt for serving trays that are suitable for carrying small arrangements. These dessert tables can be found in several different colors and shapes so finding a matching theme shouldn’t be a problem.

Sweets tables are usually smaller than the desserts table. This allows guests to relax and enjoy themselves at the party instead of worrying about their desserts. Often when hosting a sweet treat, you’ll have more guests so it’s important to have appropriate snacks available for when people get thirsty. Finding a suitable sweets table can be as easy as looking at the type of sweet that will be served on the dessert table. Many times if you are having a baby shower, you’ll find several different types of sweets that you can serve.

More Sweet Recipes

One of the easiest dessert table ideas is to put together a simple buffet spread. You can choose to put together a platter or a rectangular tray that will allow you to stack smaller delights on top. Another option would be to put together a tiered tray that includes several different types of spreads for the guests to pick from. You can also layer plain cookies and place them on top of one another for a nice treat that everyone can share. Just be sure to have plenty of ice on hand to prevent guests from getting sick.

Final Thoughts

When you host a sweet treat at your home, you want to be sure that you take the time to find appropriate dessert table ideas. Choosing the right theme is crucial for success. Most of the time, you’ll find that choosing a theme that matches the personality of the hosts is easy to do. If you have a party that has a young daughter who is in attendance, you’ll want to steer away from themes such as dinosaurs or princesses and instead choose something that she will like.

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