Easy Healthy Sweets For Toddlers You Can Make At Home

Healthy Sweets for Toddlers

Easy Healthy Sweets For Toddlers You Can Make At Home

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There are many components of the celebration of an Indian festival and an important part of the festival is sweets. For festivals sweets are not one that you can have it as a dessert after a meal. But these sweets are served to our guests and some even start with a sweet note. Sweets form an essential part of some of the traditional rituals. When you are gifting someone nothing can be more appealing than some lovely homemade sweets packed in a beautiful box and completed with a pretty ribbon. Here we have a collection of homemade sweets recipe that your kids and family members will surely love.

Some Homemade Sweet Recipes For Kids

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Cashew Cluster: these sweets is one of the easiest homemade recipe that you can make at home. These cashew clusters need very few ingredients and you can be sure that this will be a hit. You can even use plain chocolate and skip the salt if you want to.

Chocolate Peda: peda is something that all of us and if it is a chocolate peda then it is more appealing. Most moms feed their kids with pedas and chocolate will add a chocolatey twist on this classic sweet. You can find the recipe online and even substitute with nuts with those that you prefer.

Dry Fruit Balls

Dry Fruits Balls: We all know that dry fruits are very nutritious for young children. But feeding your kids these dry fruits can be challenging. You can easily make dry fruits balls for your kids which they will love to eat and in this way you can even provide nutrition to it. you can even serve these balls to your guests and your toddler. You can even use cupcake liners to display them.

Kesari Barfi: if you have got overwhelmed by ingredients like khoya or mawa then you need not worry. This kesari barfi is a two-tone barfi recipe which uses milk powder instead. Though the process of making this barfi is a bit long but you can be sure that the end result will be extremely worth your effort.

Ferrero Rocher Truffles: we all love yummy and delicious truffles, don’t we? A truffle that has a crunchy exterior and melts in your mouth interior is all that we want. Well these can be made easily at home. This DIY Ferrero Rocher uses few ingredients though you may still have to visit a gourmet food store for some of these.

Bottom Line

So making the different kinds of sweets with new varieties is a great idea to start you festive celebration. There are endless recipes that you can make and those are also easy to make. you can eb sure that your kids will also love these sweets that you have made.

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