Easy And Healthy Japanese Sweets

healthy japanese sweets

There are so many health benefits to eating healthy and sugar free sweets. First off, they are extremely popular in Japan where they are a staple food. Sweet and unhealthy are synonymous in Japan where dieters often choose between the two. But how does one decide which is the healthier choice?

Benefits Of Having Sugar Free Sweets

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Sugar free sweets can be very beneficial. If you do not have a sweet tooth as we do here in the West, sugar free is a great option! Sugary snacks can be very bad for you and should be eaten sparingly if at all. Japanese people eat a lot of crunchy vegetables, so there is no need to eat sugary and starchy snacks.

Sugar free snacks such as kuromame (a type of Japanese brown rice cakes), futamame (a white cake) and umebo meme (black beans with an okanata sauce) are very healthy and low calorie. A whole grain toast made of wholemeal bread is also healthy. They have low fat, high fiber content and are good for your health. For dessert a sweet dish such as agar tofu (or any kind of shellfish with a delicious sauce) is very good. It is healthy and low fat.

However, there are also some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that some Asian dishes like this use sugar which can raise blood sugar levels and cause obesity. And this leads to diabetes. Also white carbohydrates like rice and pasta can also raise blood sugar levels and cause diabetes. This is because sugar in the bloodstream enters the cells of the body without the body knowing and becomes energy.

Healthy And Sugar-free Food Choices

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Healthy and sugar-free food choices are difficult when trying to live an Asian life, especially when it comes to sweets. Some of these foods are quite spicy and you may find yourself having a little trouble avoiding them. Low sugar content foods are also very common in Asia, which makes it even more difficult. This article will therefore show you how to have both a healthy and sugar free diet by making smart food choices.

Spicy food and snacks are very common in Asia and are easy to make. You can make a simple food out of rice by adding a little sugar or a little less of both if you are using rice to make the food. Spicy foods are easy to eat and have low calorie content too. One tasty snack you can have is okra. It is low calorie and yet has a very nice flavor.

To make your own okra just add vegetable stock (or water if using water), okra and either garlic or onion, wrap in either foil or aluminum foil and bake at 350F for about 25 minutes. If the foil comes off, just use a knife to cut into wedges. If it does not look cooked, just put it back on the stove. Drain off the liquid after about five minutes and serve with the vegetables.

Delicious And Healthy Japanese Sweets

Rice is very low in calories and carbohydrates as well as a very healthy food. Make a meal out of it and add a little extra protein like lean beef or chicken and you have a very low calorie and low fat meal you can enjoy. I love to snack on this when I get bored or just want something light. These are just two of many Asian inspired low carb recipes that taste so good you will never want to go back to the American diet.

Another delicious Asian-inspired recipe includes udon noodles, stir fried vegetables, pickled ginger, egg tofu and Chinese mushrooms. All of these ingredients are very healthy and great for your diet. The noodles themselves can be made from any type of noodle or even spinach or carrot.

Some other interesting Asian-inspired dishes include Japanese egg rolls and tempeh, both of which are spiced and full of nutrients. Another interesting dish is Korean BBQ which is beef and kimchi cooked together. Spicy and sweet sauces are made for the meat, making it a delicious and healthy dish. You can also make beef and broccoli soup with noodles and vegetables and add your own spicy sauce.

Final Thoughts

With the ingredients you can make some wonderful healthy recipes for you and your family. Just remember to monitor the ingredients and make sure you are still getting all the healthy nutrients you need. Take the time to check the labels to make sure you are getting the right amount of protein and vegetables. If you are still having trouble making a healthy recipe, then consider buying healthy ingredients online. Many health food stores carry a wide variety of healthy ingredients and you can make a batch of your favorite dishes and try them in the comfort of your own home.

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