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Do you want to know what is the best baking oil? I will tell you my honest review of the different kinds of oils on the market today. When I was growing up, my family used regular vegetable oil. We would cook, bake and eat just about anything that had oil in it. This may be good for your body, but not so healthy for your diet.

Healthy Cooking Oils To See

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Olive and canola oils are both very good for healthy cooking and baking. Both of these oils have a medium smoke point and perform well for both baking and cooking as well. They are both very rich in antioxidants, which can have many healthy healing properties, as well. You need to be careful with both of these kinds of vegetable oils as they can be high in calories. The moderation level for both of these healthy cooking oils is very good.

What Is the Best Baking Oil? For this article, we chose to focus on butter. It seems that in recent years, we have been inundated with information about the bad effects of margarine on our health. While there is no doubt that margarine has health benefits, most of us now understand that it is not the only game in town when it comes to cooking oils.

What About Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

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Many people seem to think that it is not possible to have just any old cooking oil in your kitchen. I recently read an interesting article by Dr. Michael Allen, who is a practicing nutritional specialist. He was reviewing some studies concerning the consumption of cooking fat and he noted that the extra virgin coconut oil had the highest levels of antioxidants of any fat, including olive oil.

He went on to note that the benefits of the saturated fat were almost unnoticeable in cooking oils, even though eating a high amount of saturated fat is bad for you. He noted that the unsaturated fats were equally as beneficial, but the only difference was that they were not as detrimental to our health as being the saturated fats. This makes sense because there are more healthy fats than saturated fats.

The Best Baking Oil

This is an interesting question, as there are numerous oils that have different properties. For example, canola oil has a very high smoke point, so that it can be used for frying. It also does not give off a distinct odor when it is heated, making it very acceptable to be used as a cooking oil in most recipes. Another great characteristic of canola oil is that it contains a high level of monounsaturated fats, which helps it maintain its stability even after being exposed to the heat.


The above list of the best cooking oils makes it clear that there are many beneficial qualities that come with the canola plant. It contains no trans fat, is very stable, and does not give off a distinctive odor when heated. The above factors make it a good choice for cooking and baking, although it cannot make up for the other nutrients that we need to get our body healthy and strong. In fact, by taking just a few minutes to read through some information, it is possible to start implementing healthy habits into our lifestyle.

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