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Dessert trends mean nowadays something that is unhealthy but every sumptuous, it will fill you with unwanted sugars and fat but that is what indulgence is all about. Dessert nowadays does not mean only eating doughnuts, cakes, pies, and other indulgences but it also means taking care of your own selves. Who said indulgence has to be unhealthy? You can have many healthy options for dessert in which the unhealthy items are replaced with healthy ingredients which will provide you with the taste the same as before but much more lighter. 

The Ingredients Toward Healthy Indulgence: 

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When it comes to indulgence and following the dessert trends, no dessert that is on the table is healthy, starting from your favorite short pastries to mini pies, to your favorite rustic apple pie to decadent chocolate and raspberries tart, from doughnuts to waffles, no dessert trend is healthy but if you add or replace ingredients with those substitutes, it will surely become a healthier option. 


Dessert Trends: The Best Healthy Indulgence
Dessert Trends: The Best Healthy Indulgence

There is so much more to the avocado than meets the eye. It is one of those ingredients turns any dessert into a healthy indulgence. Avocado ice cream, or using avocado as a replacement for the cream is really healthy. Many pies are made of avocado, even chocolates are made of avocados nowadays 


Instead of using sugar, let’s add dates or the paste of date as it will help you add more flavor to your dessert and it will sweeten your dessert with its natural sugar. Always try to sweeten your dessert with natural sugar as it will be healthy.  Adding sugar more and more does not really pass the taste as ‘healthy indulgence ‘

Coconut Oil:

Using coconut oil than butter is a better idea as coconut oil has compounds that are much healthier than marginal, butter or any oil for that matter. You can add coconut oil to your cakes, doughs and any other things. 


Instead of using whipped cream or cheese, you can use cashew nowadays. Milk from nuts is used as a great substitute for milk. Cashew is a great substitute for cheese also. Mix it with nutritional yeast and it will give the same taste like cheese. 

Dessert Trends: The Best Healthy Indulgence
Dessert Trends: The Best Healthy Indulgence


Instead of using flour, you can use almond flour to have similar results while baking. This is one of the best healthy indulgences that too is macarons and it is made with almond flour and meringue. Almond can be used as various substitutes. 


Applesauce tastes better but as a substitute, it is the best. You can use applesauce as an item to sweeten your dessert or you can add applesauce as a substitute to butter or oil too. The ingredient has magnificent results. 

There is no way in which one wants to compromise when it comes to taste if the taste and outcome after adding the ingredient do not procure the same result? Is it even an indulgence? Read about the best alternative of ingredients that you can add in your dessert to make it tastier and healthier. 

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