Dessert Jar Ideas for Baby Shower Favors

baby shower dessert ideas

Desserts are fun in any way. They look even more appealing when packed in a pretty little mason jar. Many people have started packing desserts like cakes, pudding, granola and other such sweet stuff in jars as it is a convenient way of gifting and carrying. If you are looking for some dessert jar ideas, then read more below.

Dessert Jar Fillings and Decorations

  • Cake Puddings

You can add a variety of cakes and puddings inside a jar. If you know the recipient is fond of chocolate, then preparing a chocolate mason dessert jar is the easiest. You can choose to buy ready-made chocolate cake from the market. Stuff it in the jar in the form of crumbs. Add some wafer biscuits, chocolate chips and then line the jar with a delicious chocolate whipping cream. Again repeat the chocolate cake layer and then lastly, add another layer of chocolate cream. Close your mason jar tightly and it is ready. Similarly, you can experiment with strawberry flavors, mango or pineapple. You can add anything you would like into your cake jar. The best thing about this dessert jar is that you don’t have to worry about your cake not coming out in a good shape. You can stuff anything inside and it will look pretty.

  • Granola Jar
Food on a counter

If you want to gift a healthy dessert jar, then a granola mix inside a jar is a great idea. One can eat as much as they want and then shut tight the jar and use it later. This way, the dessert is not only easily portable, but also does not get spoilt for long. You can add a mix of seeds, roasted nuts, dried figs, raisins, pieces of plum cake, peanuts, jaggery or honey and ensure that the mix tastes amazing. Just shove everything inside that you think is healthy and tasty. Add a dollop of jaggery liquid or honey and give a good shake.

  • Fresh Fruits Jar

Why not add all kinds of delicious fruits in a mason jar and then garnish with a generous helping of sweetened whipped cream. This fruit cream will taste amazing and can go for a few days when kept shut in the refrigerator for long.

  • Dessert Jar Decoration Ideas

Once you have packed your dessert jar with your preferred dessert mix, you should decorate it. You can add a ribbon to the neck and also put your own ‘Good Wishes’ card on the top. This ensures that your dessert jar is a gift from you and the recipient will always remember your sweet gesture.

These are some useful dessert jar ideas. The best thing about dessert jars is that they are portable and mobile. They can easily be transported from one place to another without the tension of being spilled or spoilt. You can also prepare dessert jars in different flavors and gift them as party favors for a birthday party.

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