Dessert Ideas For Thanksgiving - A Few Ideas -

Dessert Ideas For Thanksgiving – A Few Ideas

Dessert Ideas for Thanksgiving

When you are planning to have Thanksgiving dinner this year, you need to be smart and creative so that you will be able to come up with some delicious desserts for the occasion. However, you do not just grab a box of donuts and put them on your plate, you have to think about how you will put those delicious creations together. If you are making some other dishes, you have to take some care of your guests too. You may think that your guests will just appreciate the food but they do not really know how to mix up their own desserts.

Instead of making the traditional Thanksgiving dessert that includes cinnamon, nuts and raisins, why not try something new and make a fruit pie? With the addition of the different fruits you can now put raisins and cranberries on top of it. You can also put strawberries or blueberries as garnish to give it a unique taste.

List Of Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Pumpkin pie is always a favorite especially during the holidays. Pumpkin pie recipes are easy to prepare. The pumpkin is first soaked in water for about an hour or so. Then, the pumpkin pieces are cut into pieces and then mixed with maple syrup and then cooked until it turns to mush.

It is also best to include more of the whole grains in your pumpkin pie. You can use brown rice, barley and oat meal. These grains can give a nice texture to the mixture. You can use cinnamon and ginger flakes to sprinkle on top of the pie to give it a more authentic look.

Popular Dessert- Apple Pie

Apple pie is a very popular dessert on Thanksgiving. You can also use apple pie recipes and spice up your apple pie recipe with a little bit of cinnamon and fresh grated nutmeg. Add in a slice of apple and you will have a delectable pie. You can also mix in some honey, brown sugar and orange peels to make it look like a true apple pie.

You can also use apple cider and honey to make some homemade cranberry punch. Add a slice of apple and some cranberries in the bottom half of the glass bowl and pour some fresh lemon juice in the other half. Mix all the ingredients together until the mixture is a bubbly drink. Serve it as a great dessert to enjoy on Thanksgiving.

Cheese Is Also The Best For Dessert

Cheese is also one of the great dessert ideas for Thanksgiving. You can make a delicious cheese platter using some Graham crackers and sliced up turkey. Place a couple of rolls in a pan filled with cheese and spread melted cheese over each one.

Cheese platter can also be topped with a layer of whipped cream cheese and then some cranberries. You can add chopped almonds and strawberries too. If you are making a fruit platter, you can also top it with raisins and strawberries. You may add cranberries or blueberries, if you want to.

If you are looking for a more decadent treat, you can serve some white chocolate. You can make some vanilla white chocolate by melting some white chocolate and then adding some vanilla extract and then stirring this into some melted butter. You can add milk and add some sugar and you will get a white chocolate.

You Can Also Try Cookies And Cakes

There are many different types of cookies and cakes that you can serve to your guests during Thanksgiving. The most traditional dessert is the cake. There are so many varieties available to choose from. You can serve a pumpkin or apple pie, chocolate covered strawberries or chocolate covered apples.

You can make a cinnamon apple cake by using applesauce, a little bit of honey, vanilla extract and then adding a dash of cinnamon and then pouring into a baking pan. Cover the pan with wax paper. When done, you can decorate the top with a design made of pumpkins and other fruits like cherries. Serve the cake to your family and friends as an edible treat. You can also bake a cake for your little ones and take pictures of it and post these pictures on the Internet so that everyone can enjoy them on their Christmas morning.


No matter what kind of dessert ideas for Thanksgiving you choose, it is important that you serve your guest with a smile. Give them something that will make them feel happy and satisfied, and they will definitely thank you.

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