Cupcake and Treat ideas for Kids

dessert ideas for kids

Delicious Freezable Dessert Ideas For Kids: Kid-friendly desserts don’t always have to be boring and bland. There are endless combinations for dessert ideas for kids that are both fun and healthy. Whether you serve it cold or warm, you can add just the right amount of sweetener to make it a tasty treat. Healthy Frozen Dessert Ideas: Frozen Treats Made Easy-Popsicles and popsicles are made with sugar-free frozen treat mix that makes it an easy pick me up for children who don’t like sweets. However, these fudges are still sweetened with real chocolate and of course sugar, but that does not stop them from being an absolutely delicious, kid-friendly frozen dessert!

“Gluten-Free” Does Not Mean “Healthy” Gluten-free doesn’t necessarily mean “no dairy”, so beware when you buy food allergy families’ sections in the grocery store. There may be foods you want to stay away from to ensure your family stay healthy. There are some excellent gluten-free dessert recipes available in your book or online and they will surprise you with their flavors and textures.

Easy-to-Make Healthy Frozen Desserts for Kids

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Kids love smoothie popsicles, which are also known as freeze dried pies. These cute little treats are made with fruit, milk, sugar-free yogurt, cranberries, raisins, and pineapple chunks. If you use regular ice cream in your smoothie popsicles, then you can use low-fat milk instead. You can also replace the cranberries and raisins for healthier options if you are concerned about adding too much sugar to your child’s dessert.

Candy And Cookie Dough

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Candy is definitely not a good idea when it comes to children and desserts, but don’t scold them either. Kids will still enjoy some candy between dessert time. You can get similar flavor without the added sugar by mixing fruit, chocolate chips, honey, lemon juice, and vanilla ice cream. This sweet treat can be served as an iced tea or in a bowl with toppings such as strawberries, blueberries, prunes, or peaches. This is a fun alternative to other sugary desserts.

Store-Bought cookie dough is usually very sweet, so if you want to keep the kids occupied between bites, make your own. You can purchase cookie dough at any grocery store or make your own by using nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Mix together the ingredients and freeze the mix until it’s time to bake. When the cookies are done baking, serve them with a little of the cookie dough on top for a sweet treat.

Bunny Treats

Bunny treats are another one of the many dessert ideas for kids that are great for a child’s first birthday. Bunny cakes are cute, fresh, and contain a variety of different types of fillings, from traditional chocolate and carrot to raspberry and mocha. Another great option for a bunny’s treat is the “pineapple nut cookies” – a moist, sweet, and easy dessert that the kids simply love!

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcakes

This is an old favorite dessert for children, but a favorite for grownups as well. Chocolate and peanut butter fudge sponge cakes are so good. If you have the time, try to make this dessert by combining peanut butter and chocolate cake mix. Then add a fudge to the top of the cake and drizzle chocolate over it before serving. This dessert would also be great served with a variety of toppings, including fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, or just plain chocolate.

Coconut Ice Cream and Coconut

Coffee Cupcakes Coconut is one of those desserts that can easily be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator, which makes it ideal for any day of the week. The coffee flavor of the ice cream adds something that other ice creams just don’t have. You can use coconut milk as the base or you can add vanilla to the mixture to create a delicious coffee flavored version of coco fudge sponge cakes, or you can choose to omit the coffee from the recipe and bake the cupcakes as regular ice cream cakes.

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