Choosing The Best Yogurt For Your Healthy Diet

Yogurt is considered healthy food that you can easily find in the market. However, contents added into the yogurt can reduce the health benefits that it can offer to you. Sometimes the flavorings and sugar content added into the main product which is sugar can even affect your healthy diet. Choosing the best yogurt for a healthy diet can be done by simply checking on the ingredients. Here are a few things that you should check when buying a yogurt together with some of the healthiest yogurts that you can buy in the market.

Check The Label Of The Yogurt Product

Whenever you buy yogurt or any product in the market, always prioritized checking the label.  The label in the product will surely give you enough information to know if it was a healthy choice for you. At first glance, you might consider that all yogurt products are the same but that was a common mistake made by consumers. Reading the nutrition facts and ingredients of a product will help you choose the right yogurt suitable for a healthy diet.

Look For Probiotic Bacteria

Using probiotic bacteria, people are able to make a healthy yogurt product. Probiotic bacteria turn the lactose into lactic acid that produces a sour taste commonly observed in yogurts. These probiotic bacteria can offer a bunch of health benefits in our body, here are some benefits:

  • Stimulate our immune system.
  • Reduce depression symptoms.
  • Lower cholesterol, inflammatory markers, and body weight.
  • Reduce the risk of diarrhea.
  • Improve your bowel movements.

Probiotics are known to be good bacteria that can turn milk into yogurt. Seals or markers with “Live and Active Cultures” written in a yogurt product indicate the presence of probiotics which make it a better choice than pasteurized products.

Healthy Yogurts That You Should Try

Here are some yogurt products that you can consider buying in the market, they are healthier choices as they usually contain less added sugar and lesser artificial flavorings.

1. Fage Total

Choosing The Best Yogurt For Your Healthy Diet

If you enjoy consuming Greek yogurts, Fage Total is a great choice for you which can be easily found in the Amazon list of products. Fage Total Greek yogurt is available in different variations such as full-fat, 0%, and 2%. Fage Total Plain mainly composed of milk and probiotics. This Greek yogurt brand also contains a lesser amount of calcium without vitamin D added. But it was still an excellent choice for a healthy yogurt.

2. Noosa Raspberry

Choosing The Best Yogurt For Your Healthy Diet

This yogurt is not Greek yogurt, it does not have protein content but it has more fat. But there is nothing to worry about the nutrients that you can acquire in this yogurt, it has almost the same healthy contents with other Greek yogurt brands. This yogurt is very creamy, and you will be able to see inside the fruits unlike in other yogurts who only have fruits in the packaging. Check this product immediately and get your own now.


If you really want a healthy yogurt product, keep yourself away from yogurts with wholesome content of added sugars and artificial flavorings. Lesser ingredients are better when it comes to yogurt because most of the time these ingredients make it unhealthy like junk food. Unsweetened yogurt is still the best, you can enjoy the full potential of all the nutrients without any added sugar.

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