Brownie Recipes That Are Healthier For You


They say that brownies bring back your happy memories with your family and friend. Bring back the happiness, good times and fun. It is proven that sweets improve or lighten our mood and emotion. But eating so much sugary food is bad, this may cause diseases and illnesses. Here are some brownie recipes that are healthier for you:

1. Avocado Choco Chip Brownies

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Avocado is almost everywhere, from stores and markets. Avocados are rich in many benefits in our body. This gives us healthier body, this fruit help to prevent and treat cancer, prevent gum diseases, ease osteoarthritis, and reduce liver damage. Avocados are now used in salads and other recipes including brownies. You will surely love this avocado choco chip brownies because of its moist and caked texture.

Avocado Choco Chip Brownies

2. Greek Yogurt Brownies

Healthy Greek Yogurt Brownie is a ready-to-go travel dessert and a delicious treat for guests. Beside of its ingredients. You can also try some substitute ingredients for this recipe. You can use almond flour or the oat flour that makes your brownies fudgier and gluten-free. Yogurts are a dairy product made from milk which provides protein and calcium and enhances healthy gut bacteria. Because of its low-fat substance, this is one of the chosen product for those who want to lose weight. The thickness of this Greek Yogurt will make your brownies more fudgy and chewy. 

Greek Yogurt Brownies

3.  Choco Dates Brownies

Dates are well known as a substitute sweet food for diabetics. This satisfies sugar craving with rich nutrients. Same as chocolates and other sweet foods dates provide energy and brain-boosting effect. This also helps maintain our bone mass and a source of antioxidants. The combination of chocolate and dates will give more sweetness but in a healthier way.

Choco Dates Brownies

4. Black Beans Brownies

Let’s be honest, when it comes to brownies we want a delicious with a fudgy texture. It is weird but it is possible to make brownies using black beans. There are many benefits of black beans to us, this helps to maintain our bone health, lower blood pressure and maintain blood sugar temperature. Many researchers find out that black beans are an important factor to lose weight and help to maintain weight management. They suggested the consumption or production of this plant food to help decrease the higher percentage of obesity around the world. Diet is so hard to do, you will experience struggles in your diet routines. This black beans brownies will help you to lose weight at the same time satisfy your sweet buds.

Black Beans Brownies

5. Carrot Choco Chip Brownies

To add some extra brownie experience, try this carrot choco chip brownies. Carrots are truly a superfood that provides healthy nutrients to our body. Carrots support healthy eyes, heart, gums, and teeth. It provides a younger looking skin, a healthy hair strand and the best way to treat wounds. Many mothers are obsessed to serve a healthy vegetable to their children, but this generation of age doesn’t want to eat fruits and vegetable. That is why we recommend you to try this carrot choco chip brownies that will surely they gonna love.

Carrot Choco Chip Brownies
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