Best Quick Peanut Butter Recipes – 51 Best Butter Dessert Recipes

quick peanut butter desserts

Quick Peanut Butter Desserts are usually delicious when made in 10 minutes or less. I have tried many different kinds of these desserts. I usually experiment by using different flavors such as mint, lemon, chocolate chip, etc… After making a handful of these desserts, I can always estimate the estimated reading time on my food processor, and then try to keep that average rate the next time.

I made a batch of quick peanut butter desserts yesterday. These are called “Tahitian Style” and they were very easy to make. They are basically just a mix of smooth peanut butter and orange juice. I measured about four cups of smooth peanut butter by using a cup and a half measure. Then I added a one-quarter teaspoon of vanilla and a quarter teaspoon of lemon juice. I mixed it all together until the ingredients were completely blended.

Quick Peanut Butter Desserts

Peanut Butter

I put this mix into a large bowl and then I spooned it into my mixing machine, which makes it much easier for a whiter, smoother, and juicer dessert. I then used my food processor to cut it into small pieces. I knew that I was making a large bowl of cream cheese, so I threw in a third of a cup of low-fat milk, and then whipped the cream cheese with my hand.

The total estimated reading time for this peanut butter dessert recipe was about eight minutes. I ate the entire thing within ten minutes! I love the consistency of the recipe. I was able to drop the second portion of the cake into my slow cooker in about five minutes. This gave me two dishes that were well cooked, and well balanced.

I also baked Reese chips with dried cranberries for an afternoon snack. I made about four to six ounces, and I will estimate that I used about three cups of creamy peanut butter. I re-baked them in my slow cooker, and I found that I didn’t have to add any extra water as I had anticipated. I made enough to serve myself and a couple of friends, and we will be back for seconds later.

A Much Ado 

Peanut Butter

I used about two cups of these cookies, and I think that I used one and a half cups total time. Again, I measured the ingredients and followed the directions. The Reese cookies were a little difficult for me to make, but I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with them. They are rather chewy and they go great with maple and orange juice. These desserts were a tiny bit on the messy side, but the overall total time was very good.

These Reese dip cookies were delicious, and I would make them again. I will estimate that I used about three cups total and I baked them in the slow cooker about 3 hours ago. My first impression was that the cookies needed to rest for at least five to ten minutes, but I found that I did not need that much time. I will definitely use these tasty treats again, and I can estimate that it should take me between two and three hours to prepare these desserts.

Final Words 

These tasty treats are a must-try if you are trying to find some quick and easy desserts that you can put together in a jiffy. I found that this delicious recipe calls for a yogurt base, but there are many other recipes out there that also use yogurt, eggs, sour cream, honey, etc. If you can find a yogurt base that has the consistency of pancake batter, then you will be set. If you cannot find a yogurt base, then just remember that a cookie is essentially just a combination of flour, sugar, and salt, mixed thoroughly with milk and cooked until it reaches the desired result. Do not forget to take into account the best butter and sugar.

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