Best Oil For Baking Healthy Cake

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When you start leading a healthy life, you might want to make sure everything you consume should be healthy too. Otherwise, there will be no use in trying to live a fit life. Although, you must know fats are the soul of cooking. You can’t compromise with fat as your body also needs them. So, you just need to choose the right kind of oil that is healthy for you. The less refined oil and natural is the healthy oil you can choose. Extra virgin olive oil is the best oil for baking a healthy cake.

Healthy fats protect our internal organs, maintain our energy levels. 

Importance Of Oil For Baking Healthy Cake

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Nobody enjoys their cake dry and brittle, it should always be perfectly moist, soft, and creamy. And, the oil helps in achieving the decadence of the cake. One of the most common oils is cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. This oil is very tasty, heat stable and blends in all kinds of baking, desserts, etc. Apart from being versatile, it’s a lot of health benefits. Good for heart health keeps you in shape, a great source of antioxidants, and a lot more. 

Coconut Oil For Baking Healthy Cake

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Coconut oil is being popularly used instead of butter because it meets the needs of vegans. If you enjoy the taste and smell of coconut then most likely you will enjoy all the goodness of coconut too. It is suitable for baking, cooking, desserts also, as the oil adds the aroma of coconut to it. Coconut oil is natural, good for your skin, boosts immunity, antioxidants, etc. 

Using Avocado Oil For Baking Cake

The creamy and buttery texture of avocado is a blessing for the cake. It has unbelievable health benefits which can help your lifestyle a lot. Just switching to avocado oil can protect you from inflammations, improve your heart health. You can also use avocado for the frosting, it tastes delicious on a chocolate cake. Avocados can take care of your eyes and skin health as you enjoy your dessert. 

Peanut Oil For Baking

Peanut oil is prepared from pressed boiled peanuts. It has a nutty flavor to itself which tastes amazing when baking a cake. If you love using olive oil, you will love peanut oil. They are very alike, offering the same health benefits for you. This is the best oil you can use for baking, especially the savory kind. Bake cookies with nuts using peanut oil and you will never want to use another oil. 


There are many kinds of oil, canola oil is another healthy option that is also affordable and goes best with cakes. It doesn’t alter the taste and flavor of the cake, baking it moist, soft, and delicious inside out. A typical size cake requires ½ cup of oil so use the quantity wisely as excess use of anything healthy can also cause damage. Use any light healthy oil for a moist cake.

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