Best Healthy Butter Substitute For Baking

healthy butter substitute for baking

In baking, butter is one of the most important ingredients. It plays a role of leavening agent, it introduces the air to the baking well so that it can be fluffy and light. Apart from that it gives the food moist texture and fills it with rich tasty flavour. Without butter the baking dish would be flat, unflavored or dry. We all love bakery items because they are fluffy, creamy and very delicious. And the main ingredient behind this perfect texture and taste is butter.

But sometimes, some people have to avoid butter due to some reasons. Whether they have any milk allergies, lactose intolerance or they are taking care of their health as butter can cause weight or in general, you ran out of butter and you have to make some bakery food item. At that time everyone thought that it was possible to make any bakery food without butter? 

Answer of the question is yes. You can enjoy your bakery food without butter. There are some healthy substitutes of butter available. With them you can make bakery food without compromising its delicious taste and fluffiness. They will give your dish a perfect moist texture as butter. They have some properties like butter to make your dish delicious and light. Here are 4  Healthy Substitutes of Butter in Baking:

Coconut Oil

Healthy Butter

Coconut oil has the same properties as butter like it can be solid while cold and it can be liquid while hot. And that makes it the best substitute for butter. You can use the same amount of coconut oil. For example, in any baking dish you have to use one cup of butter, then you can use 1 cup of coconut oil. It means the ratio of using is 1:1. Equal ratio makes it a successful substitute. You can make cake, cookies, cup-cakes or muffins with coconut oil. Though it can change the taste of a finished dish, you can avoid it in bread recipes. Otherwise it works very well.

Greek Yogurt

Healthy Butter

Greek Yogurt has a good amount of protein like butter. The ratio of using Greek Yogurt as butter is half. Like if you have to use 1 cup of butter, then you can use ½ cup of Greek Yogurt. It has a velvet texture that makes cakes and cookies very fluffy and give a very rich flavour. You can make almost everything with Greek Yogurt instead of butter. But cakes have the best results.

Applesauce and Buttermilk 

This mixture will give you fluffiness and rich flavour like butter. Buttermilk will help the food in its lightness and applesauce will secure the rich flavour. You can use ¼ buttermilk and ¼ applesauce instead of 1 cup of butter. They both are the perfect substitutes.


You can use the puree of avocado instead of butter in equal parts. It has fiber and vitamins like butter. You can use it to make most of the bakery items.


We hope you have got all the information about the healthy substitute of butter. All the ingredients have the same nutritions as butter. It may vary the taste but it gives you the fluffiness and moist texture. Come back for more informative articles.

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