5 Sweetener Alternatives


Both artificial and natural sweeteners have an essential part of our diet. However, people who aim to avoid obesity and diabetes would definitely choose the one that can provide a quality sweet taste without risking the health. For this reason, we have searched about healthy sweetener alternatives on Amazon and you will definitely love what we found.

1. NuNaturals Monk Fruit Pure Concentrated Sweetener Powder Of Healthy Sweetener

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In some countries in Asia, Monk Fruit is utilized as traditional medicine, beverage, and food because of its non-caloric sweeteners. Today, NuNaturals offer us better and sweeter way of enjoying it. And that is through Monk Fruit Pure Powder Sweetener which is a concentrated Monk Fruit.

This healthy sweetener is actually 300 times sweeter compared to sugar so you can use it for up to 571 servings. Which means, you can savor it a lot of pleasurable times.

2. NuNaturals Lo Han Supreme Monk Fruit For a Healthy Sweetener

If you want to start reducing the amount of sugar in your diet NuNaturals Lo Han Supreme Monk Fruit is the healthy sweetener alternative for you. It is a liquid sweetener made with all-natural Monk Fruit Liquid Extract and it has no calories that can help you achieve your daily calorie goal. You can use it to level up the taste of your tea, coffee, cold or hot beverages you consume. Plus it is also great when mixed with cookies and other kinds of desserts.

3. NuNaturals Organic Sweetener Stevia & Monk Fruit

Now if you want to use a healthy sweetener alternative that is loaded with wide-ranging benefits, then here is the NuNaturals Organic Sweetener Stevia & Monk Fruit. It combines the powerful attributes of Stevia and Monk Fruit which are both nutritious and beneficial product of nature.

Stevia offers 300 times sweeter taste compared to sugar. Moreover, this fact is amazing especially that it provides zero Glycemic Index at the same time. It also has zero calories that are the same as Monk Fruit but, Monk Fruit has zero additives, fillers, and artificial flavors so you can guarantee to get the full richness of its taste.

4. NuNaturals NuStevia Vanilla

Organic sweeteners don’t contain calories so it can’t affect your diet in a negative way. You can also have a lesser chance to build up dental cavities if you keep on utilizing such kind of product.

If you want to add a vanilla taste on your food or beverage, you can try NuNaturals NuStevia Vanilla which is also enhanced with the utmost benefits of Stevia extracts. It is a sugar-free product with no artificial flavoring that is healthy for everyone.

5. NuNaturals NuStevia Peppermint

Would you like to taste the best-in-class peppermint in the world? NuNaturals NuStevia Peppermint has it for you. In the Willamette Valley in the land of Oregon, the robust peppermint plants are grown with great care to produce the best-quality peppermint extract added with Stevia. The great blend of the two provides a candy-like taste that can level up the mood of your coffee.

Explore the best tasting healthy sweetener alternatives of NuNaturals to make your day brighter and your health better.

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