5 Simple Summer Fruit Desserts

5 Summer Simple Fruit Desserts

In summer there are so many seasonal fruits available in the market. You get watermelon and mangoes that are the favorite of the season. There are many simple desserts that you can make with the summer fruits. They are fresh, healthy, good for your body and skin. You can make a variety of desserts in summer with the summer fruits so here are some summer fruit desserts.

5 Summer Fruit Desserts
5 Summer Simple Fruit Desserts

Summer Fruit Desserts Recipes

Mango Kulfi Fruit Desserts Recipes

Take 2 liters of milk and cook it till it gets condensed to half a liter. When your milk is ready, add freshly chopped mangoes in your milk and let it cook for ten minutes. Add one cup of sugar and some dry fruits. Switch off the flame and put it in a container. Keep it in the deep freezer for 24 hours before you eat it.

Watermelon Mango Pudding

Take two liters of milk and boil it until it becomes half liters. When the milk is ready, add dry fruits. Add freshly made puree of mango in the milk and let it cook. Later add sugar half cup and mix it well. Switch the flame off and add finely chop watermelon on the top when you serve.

Semolina Mango Dessert

Add some oil to the burning pan then add the semolina. Keep mixing until it gets golden. Then add mango puree in the semolina mixture and mix it well. Keep lukewarm water near you and pour it as soon as you finish mixing the puree. Mix it well for five minutes and add sugar with dry fruits and serve hot.

Mango Cake Fruit Desserts Recipes

5 Summer Simple Fruit Desserts
5 Summer Simple Fruit Desserts

When you are preparing a cake, you add mangoes to it. It will become a mango cake. All you have to do is: take all-purpose flour, milk, butter, sugar, baking powder, and mix them properly. When you are ready to put it inside the oven, you can add finely chopped mangoes to it or add mango puree. If you add mango puree, mix it well and if you add chopped mangoes then do not mix the batter.

Watermelon Jelly

Jelly is very easy to make all you need to know is the right amount of use of gelatin and sugar and the flavoring syrup. In the watermelon jelly, you can use the watermelon syrup to make your jelly taste like watermelon. Children love jelly and in fact, we all have a special love for jellies.


We all enjoy desserts. The word desserts fill our mouth with so many curiosities. And when it comes to fruit desserts, the craving is much more. Desserts are famous all over the world. Authentic fruit desserts are a tough nut to crack. It is not the magic of everybody. Fruit desserts don’t need special ingredients, as fruits only add amazing flavors to the food. All of a sudden taste buds start popping up in excitement. Well, human brains are so full of imagination. So, try simple tricks and ideas and start preparing mouth-watering desserts with fruits.

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