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5 Healthy Baking Ingredients That Are Better Alternatives

healthy baking ingredients

Hey, are you baking something? Because we can smell it! You are definitely baking those thoughts in the mind of what could be the best and healthy way to bake something in your kitchen, right? And that’s why you are here searching for it. Here is a list of healthy baking ingredients to let you absolutely enjoy your meal without a thought.

Healthy Baking Ingredients For You

A chocolate covered donut

1. Honey:

A piece of cake covered in chocolate

2. Chia Seeds:

Vegans have a similar dilemma every time they visit any party and see cookies, cake, or muffins ‘does this contain egg?’ No issues, chia seeds are the solution to your problem. It supplies the same purpose as eggs. Mix one tablespoon with three tablespoon water and allow it to thicken for about 10-15 minutes. Chia seeds or Chia eggs are an easy and best substitute for eggs giving you the same result as eggs.

3. Avocado:

Butter for the creamy substance has a lot to do in baking. But if you are not close to dairy products, then avocado is your go-to item swapping the butter in the recipe. Another healthy approach to cut down the calories and the guilt you could possibly have if you consumed it. Just a half avocado would work in place of one tablespoon butter. So it is the correct way to shift on the healthy side of butter as it consists of nutritious properties too.

4. Oats:

We are all known for the immense benefits oats serve on our plates. But they can also replace flour. If you would want to choose a fit way to bake the cake or cookies, then oat flour completes the recipe. High in fiber, low calories, and gluten-free is an unchallenging ingredient to add to the healthy baking substitute list. It is easily available in the market and not costly.

5. Greek Yogurt:

Heavy cream or sour cream can easily be replaced with greek yogurt as the consistency does not vary much. You can use it in cheesecakes and also as a replacement for buttermilk. It is advantageous in a smooth texture and the creaminess you want for your recipe. It consists of fibers, low in fat, high in fiber; what else do we need, right? It depends upon your recipe as it is not always one to one ratio. You can obviously experiment with it while keeping a check on your recipe.

Summing Up

All the ingredients listed above are much healthier and easy substitutes for baking. Suppose you are someone who is health-conscious or loves baking; experiment with new ideas every day with these healthy baking ingredients. You would experience a different yet delicious taste exploring different baking substitutes. Happy baking!

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