5 Fruity Desserts


Fruit is one of nature’s dessert. Well, that’s definitely true, fruit is extremely tasty and can make an excellent dessert for you. Fruit is very important in our body because this is one source of many vital nutrients under-consumed, such as potassium, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and folate (folic acid). So here are five fruity desserts you can try:

1. Creamy Fruit Salad With Vanilla Dressing

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Fruit salad is a very common dessert especially when birthdays, Christmas, New Year and other special occasions are coming, fruit salad is always present in a banquet. No doubt, Fruit salad is an extremely delicious dessert, but sometimes or most of the time we want something that is sweeter. This recipe gives you the perfect and suits sugary remedy: the vanilla dressing. Add fruits you want – sweet fruits such as berries and make sure to dress well before you serve it to prevent soggy-salad diseases.

2. Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Banana Bite

Make this dessert in your own by adding and putting a hunk of nuts butter bellow the chocolate layers, melting dark or white chocolates in the place of milk, and coat with nuts, sprinkles, or some other toppings you want to add for your Chocolate-Dished Frozen Banana Bites become more presentable and attractive to eat.

3. Kiwi Ice Cream

Ice cream has different flavors and you have always likely heard about the one-ingredient wonder of ice cream: frozen banana. For a creamier version, just add a small number of sliced frozen banana and you can also add frozen pineapple or mango for a tropical spin.

4. Grilled Peaches With Maple Mascarpone Vanilla

Peaches are layers in coconut oil or melted butter and are roasted (or grilled) until it will become perfectly extra juicy and soft. While a fruit cools, it’s time to mix together the maple syrup, mascarpone, lime juice, and vanilla extract, stirring just only enough but not so much to blend or balance the ingredients. For the little pizazz and final touch, put the cinnamon in the cream before you serve.

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