5 Cake Recipes With Healthier Ingredients

Carrot Beetroot Cake

We suddenly notice a cake with a sweet taste and we are aware that it may affect our diet. What if you’re craving for a cake in the midst of your healthy lifestyle? Here are five cake recipes with healthier ingredients.

1. Vegan Cheesecake

5 Cake Recipes With Healthier Ingredients

Cheesecake will never go out of style in every desert being served. Vegan cheesecake is far different from a normal cheesecake we’ve tasted before. The filling mixture is made of coconut cream, tofu, and cashews instead of too much egg. It is healthier and ends up with a crunchier crust. 

2. Lemon Pound Cake

If you’re undergoing a Keto Diet, lemon recipe helps in favor of lowering carbs. As compared to the traditional pound cake recipes, lemon pound cake is made sweet but not too sweet because of no flour base is added.  Sweetening recipes are butter and Swerve sweetener and added with eggs, vanilla extract, and of course lemon extract to complete the desired taste. The lemon-made frosting is what makes it healthier.

3. Avocado Cake

An avocado cake is a small cupcake made of almonds, dark chocolate, and the avocado fruit. It is easy to make as it requires no bake processing. It is filled with crushed avocado together with crushed almonds with almonds at the bottom. The top is filled with dark chocolate which is far healthier than the other chocolate types.

4. Yogurt Cake

In an hour, you can produce a yogurt cake. The recipes needed are yogurt, oil, sugar, flour, eggs, and baking powder. Amounts needed are only limited to attain a healthy result. It can work as a cake and an everyday snack without causing forming of fats in your belly. To be sure about zero fat, it is advisable to use Greek yogurt or the regular one. The result is still at its best.

5. Carrot Beetroot Cake

5 Cake Recipes With Healthier Ingredients

Beetroot is famous for its health benefits and knowing that this recipe adds carrot on it I can’t imagine how wonderful it is to our healthy diet. The taste may never attract little children but it is good for the adults. Moreover, carrot beetroot cake is gluten-free.

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