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3 Best Vegan Healthy Baking Recipes To Try This Weekend

Vegan Healthy Baking

Vegan healthy baking is easy and less time-consuming if you do it in the right way. When it comes to healthy baking, you need to avoid sugar and refined ingredients and consider different grains and nutrition-rich foods. However, these ingredients might not add taste to your dishes, but they will be super healthy.

These vegan baking recipes are healthier choices for someone who is following fitness goals. These vegan recipes will satisfy your midnight cravings whether you are following weight-loss exercise routines or enhancing muscle mass.

Below is the list of the best vegan healthy baking recipes you should try this weekend.

Banana Soy-Free Vegan Butter

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Like the standard dairy butter, Banana soy-free vegan butter is not spreadable and cost-effective too. When it comes to nutritional value, the fat content is low, and you can have it until you gratify your cravings.

Furthermore, you can swap the daily butter and natural coconut oil with this banana vegan butter.

Instant Apples Pies And Doughnuts

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Unarguably, apples are one of the low-calorie fruits that everyone prefers adding in the weight-loss meals. Nevertheless, you’ll soon get bored adding apples to your meals. Are you wondering how you can swap the natural apples and still get the same nutritional value? Now, you can turn your apples to apple strudel, apple pies, or apple cider doughnuts.

In western countries, mostly apples are used for making quick applesauce. Doesn’t it sound interesting to you, right? Well, preparing instant applesauce is less time-consuming, but you’ll swap tomato sauce with applesauce.

100% Authentic Wheat Bread

You’ll find many wheat bread recipes on the internet, but only consider the content of cookbooks. The best part is you can bake 100% wheat bread twice a week. Believe it or not, once you try this recipe, you’ll stop buying packed bread from the stores.

For making authentic wheat bread, less rinse time, and minimal kneading are required. Above all, you don’t need oil and sugar or preservatives for keeping this bread fresh for a longer period.

For rinsing, you’ll need somewhere 12-24 hours to get the perfect wheat bread. However, the rinse time can be customized depending on your requirements and flour quantity. This wheat bread is super healthy, and you’ll love to have it daily.

Final Thoughts

We think now no reasons are left for you to rely on the packed bread and butter. When you have such amazing recipes in hand, you don’t need to shell out extra bucks for bakery items.

With minimal effort and ingredients, try these recipes, and surprise everyone on the weekend!

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